Gender Male
Voice Unknown
Relatives King Boogieman (adoptive Father)

Buggle is a baby fairy boy adopted by King Boogieman after his real mother gave the stork the wrong address on purpose.


When he first appears, he is a baby wrapped in a white blanket.

Later, he is shown grown up (about 5 years old) he is clad in armour, and weilds a large rattle as a weapon. He has a strange haircut, and a tuft of hair tied atop his head.

He has a pink round nose, black hair, and pink skin. Like all fairies in the show, his eyes are black circles.


He is somewhat cocky, and takes pride in his accomplishments and abilities.

He does not like being considered cute.


At five years old, he is the strongest warrior in Troll Kingdom, even though he has not yet seen battle (other than defending the castle from intruders).


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