Butterfly Valley was the first show created by HeyKids Studio, who also created the shows Jumbo's Circus, Fisherman Fred, and, supposedly, Candle Cove.

The show was made 1969.


Butterfly valley was an animated show about a pair of twins (Rose and Petunia) who find themselves in a land called Butterfly Valley, where they must help the Butterfly fairies defend themselves from King Boogieman, who wishes to kidnap and marry Princess Butterfly.

However, at the end of the second season a new villain named Frank was introduced, and King Boogieman reformed.


When Ronald Smickon and Bobby Westmoreland started HeyKids studios, they knew to get started they would need a good kids show to get started. Writers Sean Hancock and Rudolph Pasky were hired to get working on the first tv show. Sean had a little girl who liked fairies and butterflies, and Rudolph had a little boy who liked to imitate trolls. Sean came up with the Butterfly Fairies, and Rudolph came up with using trolls as villains. The writers state that the rest came naturally to them.

The first few episodes had poor drawings and poor animation, but starting with episode six of season one, the show was much better animated, better drawn, and had better character development.


Many critics praised the show for being a lighthearted little girl's show, and the show was the studio's most popular for a long time.


However, the popularity of this show was later rivalled by Candle Cove, a pirates show also made by HeyKids that appealed to little boys, but also appealed to girls because of the main character Janice.

The shows writers tried to compete with Candle Cove; however, they believed Candle Cove was popular because of its dark tone. As a result, season four was very dark compared to the rest of the show. This plan backfired, as the show rapidly declined in popularity as a result of the scary episodes, and the lack of charm from the first three seasons.

Eventually, the entire studio became low on funds, and Candle Cove was eventually cancelled, but it was too late. Butterfly Valley's ratings were too low to continue. As a result, season five only has two episodes.