Butterfly Valley was the longest running of HeyKids studios shows, before the studio tragically was shut down due to lack of funding. There are four full seasons, and season five only had two episodes before the studio lost funding.

Season oneEdit

  1. Arrival
  2. Battle in the Valley
  3. The Explorer Robertson
  4. The Fairy Festival
  5. Troll's Night
  6. Princess Butterfly To The Rescue
  7. Bluebell Gets Her Wings
  8. Dance of the Birds
  9. World of Sugar
  10. Christmas Time
  11. The Sugarplum Tree
  12. Valentine
  13. Unicorn
  14. The Earthquake
  15. Monkey Party

Season TwoEdit

  1. Homecoming
  2. The Lost Sheep
  3. Refuge for Elves
  4. Princess Butterfly's Birthday
  5. Tommy Trouble
  6. The Ruins (Banned in some areas)
  7. Flutter the Dragon
  8. Homesick
  9. Lucky
  10. Saving the Crystal
  11. The Stork's Mistake (Temporarily Banned)
  12. Robot
  13. Engagement / Frank the Bee
  14. Secrets Exposed
  15. The Marriage

Season ThreeEdit

  1. King Boogieman's Change of Heart
  2. Frank's Revenge
  3. Rainy Day
  4. Snake (Banned in some areas)
  5. Pelly the Penguin
  6. Fireball Circus
  7. The Bay
  8. The Jolly Juggler (Banned)
  9. Battle
  10. Where is Princess Butterfly?
  11. Prince Breadfly
  12. Sinking
  13. The Twins Birthday
  14. The Witch
  15. Flight of Fireflies

Season FourEdit

  1. The New Crystal
  2. Quest For the True Crystal
  3. Comatose
  4. Waking the Princess
  5. Princess Mari and Prince Posa
  6. Pappillon Mort (Banned)
  7. The Light Show
  8. Azreal (Banned)
  9. The Fly King (Banned)
  10. ??? (Banned in some areas)
  11. Skull Cave
  12. Oni (Banned)
  13. Princess Butterfly's Curse (Banned)
  14. Ghoul Valley
  15. The Forest (Briefly banned, but included on VHS)

Bonus episodesEdit

Episodes that are considered unofficial

Season FiveEdit

  1. Ballet Lessons
  2. Pirate's Island

Incomplete EpisodesEdit

  1. Wedding (storyboard only) (Released as a bonus on VHS)
  2. Time Travel (part animation part storyboard) (Briefly shown on TV)
  3. Halloween (Never released)

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