Rose and Petunia



Gender Female
Voice Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Rose and Petunia

are the twins who find themselves in Butterfly Valley, and are the main protagonists of the show.


They both have blonde hair. Rose has a heart-shaped birthmark on her left cheek, and Petunia has a heart-shaped birthmark on her right cheek, making it possible (but not easy) to tell them apart. They wear pink dresses with daisies on them. They only have three fingers and a thumb on each hand.


They have similar personalities. They both love to draw,  enjoy their time in Butterfly Valley, and share all the same favorite foods.

However, Rose likes to run around and play games like tag, while Petunia prefers to play board games and read books.


Together, they are able to create beams of magic to fire at enemies, stunning them, forcing them to retreat, or making them fall asleep.